Romantic Items for Boxes

Romantic Items to Send

Small Stuffed Animal sprayed w/your perfume (Send in a ziplock bag)
100 Reasons that you love him… Write 10 in a card and send a card for 10 weeks
Pillowcase sprayed w/your perfume
Put some of your lotion or perfume in a travel size bottle
Coin w/ a heart shape cut into it

Use a new pillow case for this tip. Every night for a week go to bed with your hair damp from being freshly washed with your regular shampoo. After a week package it in a Ziplock bag and send it off to your loved one. They’ll be able to use it and have the scent of your hair on their pillow for quite a while before it wears off.

Make a puzzle out of your picture or a love letter. You can do it yourself very easily. Write the letter or print the picture on heavy card stock then cut out in different shapes. Don’t make it too difficult

At some stores there are “pet tag” machines that let you customize tags for your dog’s collar, usually for contact info if the pet is lost. How about making one with your name with your loved ones name and your anniversary on it? They can put the tags on their keychains and have a constant reminder of home.

There are “talking” picture frames out now that allow you to record a message. Record yourself saying goodnight and I love you, so your sailor/soldier can hear you say it every night.

Get some white boxers and paint on handprints on the back, kisses all over.

With a CD burner, make a CD of favorite songs. You can also make a cassette tape. Love songs that are meaningful to both of you are nice to have around.

Send at least a few VERY steamy letters. You can even go online and read sexy stories for inspiration, or copy them right into your letter!

This is for spouses or significant others. Get a pair of chopsticks, a fortune cookie and a chinese takeout box. Write on a piece of paper, “Sex with you is like eating Chinese food…..I’m always satisfied, but an hour later I want more!”. Put all items in the box. They’ll LOVE it. To go the extra mile, BAKE a fortune cookie with the saying inside it!

Make “vouchers” to use when they get home. Some ideas – One Half-Hour Foot Massage, One 15 Minute Back Rub, etc… Be creative.

A “memory chime”. In most craft stores in the jewelry aisle there are chimes. They’re balls with a loop on them for hanging on a keychain or necklace and they have a chime inside. There are different meanings – memory, ocean, courage, strength, and many more.

Buy one for you and one to send with a note that says every time they hear it chime, you’re thinking of them.

Wives or girlfriends can send sexy panties. Just be sure to put them in an envelope all their own marked Private so he won’t open them in a common area and get embarrassed.

If your special one is a reader, send a paperback book or magazine with love notes tucked inside at different places inside. They’ll love finding the treasures as they read.

Try this fun idea for a little shock of surprise. Take a plain pillow case of any light color. Using a contrasting darker color in fabric (or other washable) paint, make a “boob print” (there’s just no other way to say it) on the front. Leave the other side plain. It’s a very interesting way to make a statement!