Op Herrick 15

Many of us have men deployed on OP Herrick 15, myself included.

This is my husbands 6th operational tour his 3rd tour to Afghanistan, tbh people say it gets easier but I don’t think it ever really does. I just think that we learn to cope with things better. There are a variety of ways to make any tour easier, the best and most given advice is KEEP BUSY!! Sounds like a clique but its true. The busier you are the quicker the time will go. The whole reason Squaddie Wives and Girlfriends was created in the first place was because my husband (then boyfriend) was away and I was alone.

Check out our Forums, we have hundreds of girls on there who have been through and are going through the same things, you are NOT alone so you never have to feel like you are!!

Check out our rescourses on our website such as countdown (chuff) charts and deployment box lists.

OP Herrick 15s official website for information is on armynet. This is only accessible through your other halfs log in or as a guest that your husband/boyfriend has set up specifially for you, it is a secure website and full of information for people who are missing loved ones on Herrick 15.

For a OP Herrick 15 wristband see your welfare office.