Mission Impossible

Making friends comes easy to some but for others it is a mission. Once you are over the packing & unpacking, the stress of moving, your hubby has started work and your just left. You have to ‘put yourself out there’ to meet new people but where do you put yourself?? If you don’t have toddlers or babies you are more limited to the activities you can join in with, so you have to go out and try and find what is going on, where everyone is going & meeting etc. The worse thing to happen though is you’re in the naafi, you look over & smile at some other wives and all you get back is a glare… That’s it, Now I want to run back to my new house (which still doesn’t feel like home) and hide there But I can’t do that for the next 2 years… Next option…. wait until my husband makes friends and just hope that they are married and have nice wives? If that’s still not the case, what is your next option??

For me I have been lucky, our first posting we had, I made friends from when my husband & I were dating, our 2nd posting I made friends with some of his wives and now here our 3rd posting I have finally put myself out there, gone to different groups, speak to different people all the time and smile to people that I’m not friends with because you just don’t know… that person may end up needing that one friendly smile to make things seem a bit better.

Then after all that effort and all that time, the next thing is keeping in contact. Do you keep in contact with the friends that you make at every posting? Are these friends just here for while you’re posted together and as soon as you move you forget about them? Do you look for great friends while you’re at a posting or just ones to keep you company while you’re there? Again I am very lucky to have made some great friends along the way that I ‘try’ to keep in contact with but it is very hard with you all moving onto different places, doing different things, blink and it’s been 6 months and it’s hard to get back to how you were…

So I go with the theory that you put yourself out there, have a great few years with new people you wouldn’t have met, build some fantastic memories and hopefully with each move it will all be that little bit easier and a bit more friendly

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